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Tally covers almost every aspect of a normal business. But as customer grows so the company needs more requirements. He thinks of automizing other aspect of business, which never bothered him before. With growing number of users he plans to add more Features like security, Voucher authorization, Head offce & branch office connectivity, MIS reports even when he is overseas.
We can customise your Vouchers, Invoice Plain Paper or Pre Printed,  Security Control, MIS reports and even change input screens to capture additional data required by you.

Each and every organizations from every industry are recognizing the hidden power behind tally Customisation.

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Tally 9 is an off the shelf software and can be purchased anywhere from India . However Tally 9 is loaded with features and is hard to comprehend the software in its entirety within short time. Due to lack of knowledge and initiation, Most of the people uses only 10% of Tally 9. Csoft will drive your user to the maximum percentage. cSoft will assure you that all the facility of the software will be benefits to the customer. cSoft will implement the Tally 9 and complete training for your staffs each will be focused according to their work profile and applicable to your industry. Tally Expert with various industries experience and having knowledge of local Taxation Rules and Statutory compliance shall impart training.
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cSoft having 13years of experience in handling Tally data from 4.5 to 9.0. cSoft recover your Data fastest and cost-effective
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Data Migration from older versions of Tally. We convert your existing Tally 4.0, 4.5, 5.4, 6.3, 7.2 & 8.1 data to Tally 9.
We also convert all your accounting, inventory & payroll related data from your existing software to Tally 9.
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cSoft provides Instant remote Support for our customer  around globe within span of time, our engineers will resolve most problems faster @ low cost.
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Tally allows users to maintain a company for multiple financial years. Once the books of accounts are completed for previous financial years and if the user wishes, he could split the company data into multiple companies as per financial periods required. Tally offers a feature of splitting company data. The user can specify the date from which the company has to be split and Tally will split the company to form two companies as per periods specified.
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Most of the people don't know what to so when they forget their password or their key employee runs away after changing the administrative password. cSoft provides services and assure you that your password will is unlocked.
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