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Church Management

Maintaining the members’ database is one of the major requirements in church. The complete information of members like member name, address, parents name, individual photographs, multiple addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, date of marriage, baptism date, death date and email etc., are very important. This will help the church committee to create and print accurate, up-to-date directories, reports, lists, and checklists.

Managing service timings and services in different language is very important. Along with managing the services calendar is important to church.

The church gets various offerings from members which include cash, vehicle, furniture, silver, gold etc. All these offerings need to be categorized separately and final report should generate from the same.

The church gets various donations or contributions from various people. Managing the fund and allocating the fund under appropriate heading like church building, education, medical aid for poor etc., are very important.

At any point of time, the church committee should be able to find the subscription amount pending from members. When a member comes and ask for his/her outstanding's, the accounts team should be in a position to give the report and collect the money based on the report. Readiness of member subscription report is one of the major requirements in church.

Basic Masters
  • Area Master
  • Relations Master
  • Title Master
  • Activity Master
  • Service Master
Member Master
  • Create
  • Display
  • Alter
Church Reports
  • Head Count
  • Donor MIS
  • Donor MIS By Service
  • Member Wise Monthly Subcription Report
  • Baptimised Member List
  • Confirmed Member List
  • Activity Based Report
  • Area Based Report
  • Reminders
  • Receipt and Payments
Church Activity
  • Accounting
  • Carol Rounds
  • Choir
  • Collection Counting
  • Collection Volunteers
  • Computer
  • Evangelism
  • Hospital Visit
  • Medical Centre
  • Men Fellowship
  • None
  • Not Interested
  • Prayer Cell
  • Project Volunteers
  • Reading Lessons
  • SSC Student
  • SSC Teacher
  • Taking Offering
  • Village Ministry
  • Women Fellowship
  • Yes
  • Youth Fellowship
  • DOB Reminder Report
  • DOM Reminder Report
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